日 期 :2021年11月23日至25日

時 間 :下午12時至6時

地 點 :PARC 古道具公園(香港觀塘鴻圖道60號10樓B2室)

"One Two One Two"

Joint Exhibition of Sirius Chan & Gary Chan 


Date:    23-25 Nov 2021

Time:    12pm-6pm 

Venue:   PARC Antique & Lifestyle

         Unit B2 , 10/FL,

         60 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kln,

         Hong Kong






在是次展覽,陳詠詩透過刺繡和繪畫去描繪她對個體與共同體的理解; 陳家濠則以影像錯位及蒙太奇的實驗手法,呈現夢境、視像和錄像的關係。


“One Two One Two” is a joint exhibition that explores unity, and a self reflection of memories and dreams through the concept of preview, review and rewind.


“One two, one two” is often an universal rhythm of progression; it is the sound of microphone checking, it is the coach’s favourite quote during the practice. It can be a passing movement between two soccer players, or a fast combination of punches for boxing. It is sound of two sets of heartbeats. It also refers to a powerful combination of two people or things.


In this exhibition, Sirius Chan explores the concept of individual and unity through embroidery, fabrics and paintings, while Gary Chan investigates the relationship between dreams, visual images and video footages through experimenting glitches and montages in video installation.