Plant Hybrids in UK (2018-2019)

"Metamorphosis" and “Plant Hybrids” are series of paintings as part of an ongoing investigation of transformation, projection and animism.


This series focuses on the different gestures and forms of deformed trees near my campus in London. Through these paintings, I am investigating the relationship between the plant-human hybrids and human’s perception of reality. Human tends to experience pareidolia. I see these plant-human hybrids as objects with personalities, which possibly are also the abstract projections of us.

《Metamorphosis》和《Plant Hybrids》為一系列關於轉化、投射和泛靈論的繪畫作品。

我的研究以倫敦校園附近的樹為對象, 透過繪畫這些不同形態、什至變形的樹,試圖去了解植物擬人與人類觀看的角度和對現實的感知的關係。


PAINTING/ metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is not just a shape-shifting process to lose oneself, but a journey of recognition and self-seeking. In the book ‘Fantastic Metamorphoses, Other Worlds’, Marina Warner (2002) defined metamorphosis as an ‘organic process of life itself keeps shifting’, and that the bodies are in ‘the process of changing shape’ but the inner souls stay. In many tales and myth, the heroes and heroines always ‘arrive at selfhood’ through numerous ordeals, disfigurations, misprisions and neglect then transformed and arrived into their personal fullness.  

「變形」並不只是一個褪去原有身份的退化過程;相反,它是一場關於自我追尋的旅程。在 《Fantastic Metamorphoses, Other Worlds》一書中,Marina Warner 介定「變形」為生命體轉化的有機過程,其形體則一直處於變化、尚未完成的變形狀態之中。在許多古老神話和傳說中,主角/英雄總是屢屢經歷苦難,或失去人形變成野獸,或被毀容而受到蔑視,最後經歷蛻變而自我發現和成長,回歸完整和真實的自己。

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PAINTING/ plant hybrids

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