— 大衛·休謨《宗教的自然史》


「變形」並不只是一個褪去原有身份的退化過程;相反,它是一場關於自我追尋的旅程。在 《Fantastic Metamorphoses, Other Worlds》一書中,Marina Warner 介定「變形」為生命體轉化的有機過程,其形體則一直處於變化、尚未完成的變形狀態之中。在許多古老神話和傳說中,主角/英雄總是屢屢經歷苦難,或失去人形變成野獸,或被毀容而受到蔑視,最後經歷蛻變而自我發現和成長,回歸完整和真實的自己 。


《變形記》為一系列關於轉化、投射和泛靈論的繪畫作品。展覽源於陳詠詩留英求學期間對里奇蒙公園林木的著迷。陳氏對里奇蒙公園的樹展開為期一年的研究, 透過繪畫這些似人非人的樹木,試圖去了解植物擬人和人類對現實感知的關係, 探討人類對他者作出自我投影的傾向。






日 期 :2019年4月4日至30日

時 間 :上午11時30分至下午10時

地 點 :kubrick(九龍油蔴地眾坊街3號駿發花園H2)

開 幕 :2019年4月6日(六)下午6時至8時 (電影中心一樓講廳)



Sirius Chan Solo Exhibition 


Date:    4-30 Apr 2019

Time:    11:30am-10pm 

Venue:   kubrick

         Shop H2, Prosperous Garden,

         3 Public Square St., Yau Ma Tei, Kln,

         Hong Kong

Opening: 6-8pm, 6 Apr 2019 (Sat)

         (Broadway Cinematheque 1F Forum)


觀陳詠詩「變形記」 挑起幻想無限 你變形了嗎?,Stand News


"There is an universal tendency amongst mankind to conceive all beings like themselves, and to transfer to every object those qualities with which they are familiarly acquainted, and of which they are intimately conscious.” 

— David Hume, “The Natural History of Religion”


Metamorphosis is not just a shape-shifting process to lose oneself, but a journey of recognition and self-seeking. In the book ‘Fantastic Metamorphoses, Other Worlds’, Marina Warner (2002) defined metamorphosis as an ‘organic process of life itself keeps shifting’, and that the bodies are in ‘the process of changing shape’ but the inner souls stay. In many tales and myth, the heroes and heroines always ‘arrive at selfhood’ through numerous ordeals, disfigurations, misprisions and neglect then transformed and arrived into their personal fullness.  


“Metamorphosis” is a series of paintings as part of an ongoing investigation of transformation, projection and animism. Inspired by the anthropomorphic trees in Richmond Park, Sirius Chan conducts a one-year research on the park during her study in UK. Through painting these human-like trees, Chan investigates the relationship of plant anthropomorphism, perception of reality, and the psychological projection on objects. 


Psychologists believe such kind of pictorial form acts as a mental reflection of the person. We project ourselves to nature objects and see the illusion as the returned images. To the artist, this returned images are the result of metamorphosis of nature objects, which are also our doubling and our unconscious personality. The artist also collects natural objects such as stones and branches, and projects her pareidolia experience through painting on them. In the painting “Slumber is a Journey to the Eternal Return”, Chan take a closer look at the relationship of migration of soul in pagan metamorphosis and the regeneration ability of the forest, while other paintings depicts her fascination on the anthropomorphic trees.