Slumber is a Journey to the Eternal Return 
2018, Acrylic, charcoal and pastel on canvas, 159.5 x 200 cm

This painting portrays a winter fallen tree in a snow covered park.


The rough texture of the empty space gives the sensation of tree branches and the lethargic atmosphere of winter nature. And yet the energy of the nature is just in a resting phrase and will burst out when the spring arrive.


The layers of semi transparent paint on top of the charcoal-drawn trees creates the emptiness and a vague space for imagining all possibilities. The fallen tree looks like a creature sleeping in peace.


If the tree is dead, it will transform into another form of life, maybe a habitat for small animals, or decompose into nutrients and returns to the cycle of natural ecosystem. I saw this as a return, an imagery of nostalgia or a homecoming, and a process of metamorphosis. The transformation is not just about the decay of the body, as Harvey (2005) said ‘death is not a fixed state opposed to life, but a transformation of the living and their relationships’.